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Covid-19 Exhibition News

01/09/2020 COVID-19 Addendum

Please read this addendum carefully. These are supplemental terms and conditions which are in addition to the GPE booking terms and conditions. This addendum provides you with further information linked specifically to the Covid19 pandemic.

During the Covid 19 crisis, the GPE may, in its absolute discretion end the contract with you at any time in writing (either by email or via the website). The event will be rescheduled to March 2022 and all costs will be transferred. Aside from the exhibition space, the GPE will not have any liability or obligation to you for associated costs arising from any such cancellation.

The GPE reserves the right to vary the exhibitor space should the maximum allowed event numbers change in compliance with any applicable legal requirements.

If you reasonably believe that due to a Covid 19 reason as below, you and or a critical attendee are not able to attend the Event, and you provide us with the appropriate evidence, you will be able to transfer your booking to the 2022 GPE.

  • Government lockdown either nationally or locally (the area you are travelling from or to)
  • Positive testing of or incapacitation by Covid19
  • Required to shield or self isolation following applicable legal requirements

The British Design Centre (the venue) reserves the right to impose entry restrictions that comply with legal restrictions and ensure a Covid safe environment for all exhibitors and visitors to the GPE. The GPE will inform you of these conditions in advance and reserves the right to refuse entry without penalty or liability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and associated attendees to act responsibly and comply with all legal requirements and restrictions that have been put in place by the UK Government and Public Health England,

GPE Exhibitor Cancellation Policy

We are currently going ahead with the Garden Press Event and working with the venue to ensure it is COVID secure, the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors is our priority.

As we are not cancelling the show the terms and conditions which were signed by your company upon booking your space still stands:

CANCELLATION POLICY - Should an Exhibitor wish to cancel a stand order

  1. Written notice is required
  2. A cancellation charge of 50% will be charged if the cancellation is received before 30 October 2020.
  3. No refunds will be given for any cancellation after 30 October 2020.
  4. A cancellation charge of 100% will be charged for cancellations after 30 October 2020.

The Exhibitor shall not have any claim against the Organisers in respect of any loss or damage consequent upon the failure for whatsoever reason of the Exhibition being held or of the building becoming wholly or partially, unsuitable or unfit for holding the Exhibition for reasons   beyond the Organisers’ control. If by rearrangement or postponement of the period of the Exhibition, or by substitution of another location for the Exhibition, or by means of any other matter or thing, the Exhibition can be carried through, the contracts for space shall be binding upon all parties, except as to the size and position, as to which any modification, substitution or rearrangement considered necessary by the Organisers shall be substituted for the original.

If the event cannot take place exhibitors bookings will be transferred across to 2022.